Falling Into Fitness — Diamond Essence Within

The crunching of leaves and acorns underfoot is a good indicator that fall will arrive soon, and we will be busy raking leaves and collecting autumn’s treasures from the great outdoors! Sometimes when fall greets us, we tend to wind down our activity level and begin to hibernate like a bear. Instead of hibernating until […]Continue reading “Falling Into Fitness — Diamond Essence Within”

5 ways to help reduce daily stress

Reducing stress is important for our mental and physical health. Controlling our cortisol levels (stress hormone) will help us feel calm and collected while repelling feelings of fatigue, insomnia, hunger, and inflammation. There are 5 ways to help reduce stress and stay healthy. Exercise – I feels great after a good workout…. for good reason.Continue reading “5 ways to help reduce daily stress”

Fitness Equipment: Quell, Kickstarter boxing game

Mr.FitInScrubs likes to use and try new techniques and equipment to keep things fresh. I found this really cool London-based kickstarter offering a first-person boxing-style game. It uses resistance to stimulate impact and tract the wear’s movement. The game includes a story mode and quick work-out mode to make it fun and exciting. This makesContinue reading “Fitness Equipment: Quell, Kickstarter boxing game”

Fight Weight Gain, Alzheimer’s, and Diabetes With the Mineral Chromium — First For Women

Control your blood sugar and improve cognitive functioning. Fight Weight Gain, Alzheimer’s, and Diabetes With the Mineral Chromium — First For Women I thought this was an interesting read on Chromium, a mineral I have not heard much of and overlooked in textbooks. Chromium can help with diabetes management, weight management, and prevention of dementia.