How To Care For The Mental Health Of The Nurses In These Trying Times — Lifesfinewhine

I wrote a guest post for Law Matheson’s blog about nurses and mental health that you can check out by clicking the link below. I want to thank Law for letting me post on his blog and I hope you guys go over and check out the rest of his posts too- they are really […]Continue reading “How To Care For The Mental Health Of The Nurses In These Trying Times — Lifesfinewhine”

Fitness Equipment: Quell, Kickstarter boxing game

Mr.FitInScrubs likes to use and try new techniques and equipment to keep things fresh. I found this really cool London-based kickstarter offering a first-person boxing-style game. It uses resistance to stimulate impact and tract the wear’s movement. The game includes a story mode and quick work-out mode to make it fun and exciting. This makesContinue reading “Fitness Equipment: Quell, Kickstarter boxing game”

Things nursing school does not teach you — Patient Talk

Even after the 2-4 years of intense studying that is required to become a registered nurse, it takes about a year working full-time to feel comfortable in the new leadership position. There is anywhere between 6-12 weeks of orientation with an experienced preceptor, as well as facility-required courses and classes. Nursing school teaches the disease […]Continue reading “Things nursing school does not teach you — Patient Talk”


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