5 ways to help reduce daily stress

Reducing stress is important for our mental and physical health. Controlling our cortisol levels (stress hormone) will help us feel calm and collected while repelling feelings of fatigue, insomnia, hunger, and inflammation. There are 5 ways to help reduce stress and stay healthy.

  1. Exercise – I feels great after a good workout…. for good reason.

Exercise has also been shown to reduce inflammation via several different processes (inflammation, cytokines, toll-like receptors, adipose tissue and via the vagal tone), which can contribute to better health outcomes in people suffering from mood disorders. –https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0378512217308563

2. Take breaks – Taking a load off and a breather is essential for both mental and physical well being. I work a 8 hour shift full of mental stressors, just 10 minutes away from it all helps me feel better.

Increasing sedentary work has been associated with greater cardiovascular and metabolic risk, as well as premature mortality. Interrupting the sedentary workday with health-promoting work breaks can counter these negative health effects.  – https://academic.oup.com/her/article/28/3/414/760575

3. Get more sleep – Getting plenty of rest helps to recover and ready.

Poor sleep quality and stressful status were closely associated with higher activation of sympathetic nervous system, and they are independent predictors of nondipping hypertension. – https://journals.lww.com/bpmonitoring/Abstract/2011/06000/Poor_sleep_quality,_stress_status,_and_sympathetic.3.aspx

4. Stretch, do yoga – one of the most relaxing exercises I can think of.

Yoga appears to provide a comparable improvement in stress, anxiety and health status compared to relaxation. – https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0965229906000434

5. Eat Healthy – Having a well-balanced diet helps you build the fit you and mental fortitude.

essential vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids are often deficient in the general population in America and other developed countries; and are exceptionally deficient in patients suffering from mental disorders. Studies have shown that daily supplements of vital nutrients often effectively reduce patients’ symptoms. Supplements that contain amino acids also reduce symptoms, because they are converted to neurotransmitters that alleviate depression and other mental disorders. –https://link.springer.com/article/10.1186/1475-2891-7-2

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